How to Find CTS Number of Property in Mumbai Online? | Updated Guide

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If you're a real estate stakeholder in Mumbai, you might find yourself asking how to find CTS number of property in Mumbai online. The CTS number, which stands for City Survey Number, is an individualised code that has been assigned to each plot or property located in the city.

The process of tracking down the CTS number can pose a considerable challenge. With the advancements made in technology, finding it online is now very much possible. In this write-up, we will be guiding you on how to locate the CTS number of properties situated in Mumbai through a plethora of web-based resources.

Obtaining knowledge concerning the CTS number is significant as it provides a gateway towards accessing vital information pertaining to properties such as details regarding ownership and legal status among other things. Let us venture into specific details exploring how one might go about securing the CTS number online.

What is CTS Number for Property

The number designated for identifying properties referred to as "CTS," represents City Survey Number & acts as an exclusive identification code handed out to surveyed properties. It serves as a reference point that gives insights about the location and dimensions of real estate within specific urban regions.

This particular code holds significance because it facilitates accessing official records held by government land repositories. Thus, it helps track ownership patterns ensuring measures are taken towards maintaining transparency in property transactions.

What is the Need for the CTS Number?

Here are five notable reasons why the CTS Number holds immense significance:

1. Record-keeping: The CTS Number plays an instrumental role in maintaining meticulous records of land assets and transactions, effectively curbing fraudulence or conflicts by authenticating that all reports linked to land are accurately registered and can be conveniently traced back to their original proprietors.

2. Property Tax Assessment: Local administrators extensively depend on the CTS Number for formulating precise property tax assessments, grounded on the dimensions & location of any particular land plot. This measure guarantees a systematic approach to tax payments, guaranteeing that the municipal body collects its due revenue share effectively.

3. Urban Planning & Development: The CTS Number is of utmost importance for urban planning & development. It assists in making sure that land is being used properly based on its designated use & as per the city's long-term development plans.

4. Land Acquisition: The CTS Number is utilized by the government to acquire land for different public purposes. These can include building public infrastructure, hospitals, schools & parks. It makes sure that landowners are compensated fairly & that the acquisition process is transparent.

5. Land Sale & Purchase: The CTS Number is a vital tool for anyone who wants to buy & sell land in Mumbai. It helps facilitate the transaction process so that all parties involved have access to the necessary information to complete the sale.

The CTS Number is important for managing & recording land transactions in Mumbai. It enables accurate record-keeping, tax assessment, urban planning, land acquisition, & land sale and purchase. Therefore, it is highly recommended for anyone dealing with land in Mumbai to have the correct CTS Number for their property.

List of CTS Office in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are many CTS offices located in different areas from Andheri, Kurla to Borivali These offices have skilled professionals & experts to assist you with your queries. Here is the list of the offices that can help with your CTS Number Mumbai issues.

Place CTS Office Villages
Andheri Andheri Ambivali, Andheri, Ismailia, Madh, Majas, Mogara, Bandivali, Oshivara & Versova
Andheri Vile-Parle Gundavali, Vile-Parle, Kondivita, Chakala, Bapnala, Juhu, Parjapur, Marol, Bramhanwada, Vyarvali, Sahar & Mulgaon
Andheri Bandra Bandra, Kole-Kalyan & Paris Ghakhar
Borivali Borivali Kandivali, Borivali, Eksar, Dahisar, Manori, Gorai, Magathane, Shimpoli, Mandpeshwar, Charkop & Kanheri
Borivali Malad Kurar, Aarey, Klerabad, Gundgaon, Goregaon, Chichavali, Dindoshi, Tulsi, Malad & Sai
Borivali Goregaon Akurli, Aksa, Erangal, Pahari-Eksar, Daravali, Pahari-Goregaon, Malavani, Poisar, Marve, Wadhavan & Valanai
Kurla Mulund Kanjur, Kopari, Tirandaj, Pawai, Nahur, Paspoli, Mulund & Bhandup
Kurla Ghatkopar Kirol, Asalpha, Ghatkopar-Kirol, Tungao, Chandivali, Deonar, Hariyali & Vikhroli
Kurla Chembur Chembur Anik, Borla, Mankhurd, Turbhe, Maravali, Vadavali, Mandale & Mahul
Kurla Kurla Kurla, Saki & Mohali

Follow the above list to get your CTS Number Mumbai details offline but if you wish to follow the online process with zero hassle, go through our next section.

How to Find CTS Number of Property in Mumbai Online?

Follow the steps given below to find the CTS number Mumbai online. Remember that at times, the server may be down so make sure you get back for your details as the server is up & running. Here are the steps to know on how to find CTS number of property in Mumbai online.

1. Access the official website of Maharashtra Revenue Department:
2. Go to the option Find CTS/Survey Number under the Free Services section.
Find CTS Number
3. Fill-in all the required details as asked. Follow the image below for a clearer understanding of the requirements.
CTS Number Mumbai
4. Type the given Captcha & tap on Submit to finish. All the details will come up on your screen now.

Wrapping Up

Finding a CTS number for a property in Mumbai is not as difficult as it may seem. With the help of the official website, one can easily locate the information & get hold of the CTS number. You just need to follow our given instructions. We hope you are now well through with how to find CTS number of property in Mumbai online

Also, to make sure that you are not compromising on quality when looking for properties in this region, we recommend working with Sushil Enterprises. We have an impressive portfolio & highly knowledgeable team members to take care of all your property needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are planning to purchase or rent a property in Mumbai & are looking for the best property consultant in Mumbai. All you have to do is find the CTS number of your preferred property from reliable sources & you will be ready to make deals with Sushil Enterprises.

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